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Wasp & Hornet Control In Boise, ID

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Are Stinging Insects Creating A Buzz Around Your Boise Home?

Few things are more peaceful than enjoying your outdoor living space, but when hornets and wasps make their presence known, your fun in the sun quickly becomes less enjoyable. Although stinging insects benefit our environment, they also present some dangers when living close to our homes.

At Nature Shield Pest & Lawn, we offer premium pest management service in the Boise, ID area. Learn more about we can protect you and your family from painful stings.

Our Boise, ID Wasp & Hornet Control Service

As Boise experts in eco-friendly pest control measures, we appreciate the important job that stinging insects such as bees, hornets, and wasps perform for our environment. That is why our efforts are focused on humane nest removal that is safe for stinging insects.

Our team visits your property monthly from March through September. We will locate any nests on your home and around your property, including all structures around the exterior. We use Onslaught, a bait product that is carried back to the nest.

In most cases, the most effective form of pest control comes in taking regular preventative measures to keep these pests away. You can learn more about identifying stinging insects and preventing their painful stings by reaching out to Nature Shield’s helpful pest experts today!

Stave Off Stinging Insects With Eco-Friendly Pest Control Services

Stinging insects have important work to do and are better left alone when discovered on your property; disturbing hornets and wasps or their nests can be hazardous, and you may even risk harming these insects. When these pests infest your property and threaten you with painful stings, the best thing you can do is contact your local pest professionals for help!

Here at Nature Shield, we provide the highest level of pest management while remaining environmentally responsible. You can count on us to provide the effective pest control service you need. Learn more about our residential and commercial pest control programs in Boise, ID, by reaching out today!