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Gopher & Vole Control In Boise, ID

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Are Gophers & Voles Damaging Your Boise Yard?

Maintaining a green, healthy yard means getting a handle on the many local pests that threaten to cause it harm. Here in Boise, gophers and voles are two of the most common critters that want to harm your property. These lawn pests seek food by burrowing into the ground, creating unsightly holes that double as potential hazards for anybody who steps into them.

When you have trouble dealing with gophers and voles, you need help from your local pest professionals. At Nature Shield Pest & Lawn, we are the pest control and lawn care experts in the Boise, ID area. Don’t allow damaging pests to destroy your home; reach out today and request a free inspection!

Our Boise, ID Gopher & Vole Control Service

Gophers and voles can be tricky pests to deal with. Upon arrival, we will inspect your property to determine the severity of your infestation; then, we will offer you a quote for our service. Our gopher and vole control service occurs in a two-part treatment.

First, our team digs a tunnel at the site where pests are detected; then, we insert a pipe that releases carbon monoxide into the tunnel. This method of treatment is safe for pets, as well as for your lawn.

Second, we follow up with you a week after our initial treatment, reinspecting your property to determine if any new issues have arisen. If new mounds are found, we will re-treat these areas. Next, we will lay down pellets that act as deterrents to these pests; we ask that you water your lawns to ensure the pellets dissolve into the soil.

Once our service is complete, you and your family can rest assured that your home will remain protected. Our treatment comes with a 60-day warranty. If you have further questions about gopher and vole control and prevention, give us a call!

Expert Gopher & Vole Services You Can Count On!

Nobody wants to live under the threat of unseen pest infestations deep beneath your lawn and yard. Gophers and voles cause a number of extensive problems, which is why you need to take immediate action when you discover activity around your property. At the first sign of gopher and vole activity, contact Nature Shield Pest & Lawn. With our love for nature and pest control, we offer high-quality services that are both effective and environmentally conscious.

If responsible pest management in Boise is what you need, look no further than Nature Shield. Don’t wait; Get Shielded Today!