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Are You Struggling With Sugar Ants Inside Your Boise Kitchen?

July 15, 2022 - Ants

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Boise homes are vulnerable to intrusions from various types of ants, which are predominately social insects that live together in large colonies. Across the U.S., more than 700 different ant species exist that share common characteristics, including a body with three segments, six legs, and antennae. In Idaho, some of the prevalent species include sugar ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, and carpenter ants. 

The term “sugar ants” generally refers to different species that will invade kitchens seeking food, such as the banded sugar ant (Camponotus consobrinus). Sugar ants are creatures with strong abilities for sensing or detecting food odors. Once a few of these ants locate a source of food in your home, expect many others from the colony to emerge in droves.  

Are you struggling with ants that are foraging in your home? An experienced Boise pest control professional understands how to get rid of sugar ants inside your home and how to keep sugar ants out. 

What Do Sugar Ants Look Like?

Male sugar ants appear as dark brown or black and have wings, while the females have an orange-colored body. How small are sugar ants? Sugar ants have a small body that rarely exceeds ½ inch in length. Categories or castes usually divide sugar ant colonies as either soldiers or workers. 

Are Sugar Ants Attracted To Sweet Things?

As their name suggests, sugar ants enjoy sweet foods and beverages such as pastries, fruit juices, and honey. Ants also are drawn toward items high in starch, protein, or fat. Remember the importance of removing all food scraps and food packaging materials from yards, decks, or patios following picnics and barbeques. 

Why Are There Sugar Ants In My Kitchen?

Are you wondering why do I have sugar ants in my house? Like most types of pests, sugar ants will move indoors and remain inside when they have access to sources of food; therefore, adhere to some of the following best practices: 

  • Adopt excellent cleaning habits in kitchen areas by regularly sweeping floors, wiping down surfaces, and never leaving dirty dishes out overnight. 
  • Promptly place leftovers inside the refrigerator or durable, sealed containers to prevent access. 
  • All trash bags containing food scraps should remain in garbage cans that seal properly. 
  • If you encounter ants indoors, thoroughly clean and disinfect the immediate and surrounding areas to remove residual pheromone chemicals that ants generate. 

Despite having small bodies that can infiltrate homes through very tiny openings, periodically inspect the exterior of the structure for cracks, crevices, or other potential entry points. Some of the best tools for effective exclusion include caulk, sealant, weatherstripping, and door sweeps. 

How Can I Remove The Sugar Ants Plaguing My Kitchen?

Many property owners visit local home improvement stores and purchase do-it-yourself ant control products that sellers aggressively market as representing a “simple and complete” solution. In many cases, they embellish these claims of effectiveness, and these store-bought sprays, traps, and powders demonstrate very mediocre and short-term results. In reality, each property and infestation have key differences that require a customized application that is not suitable for a “one-size-fits-all” treatment. 

The team of experts with Nature Shield Pest & Lawn will visit the home and perform a comprehensive assessment of the property—both inside and outside. A meticulous inspection of the premises is critical for accurately determining the nature and extent of the infestation and selecting the most appropriate course of treatment. Our qualified pest control staff also maintains a commitment that ensures safety, as we recognize the importance of protecting our customers, any pets, and the natural, physical environment. 

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