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A Useful Spider Prevention Guide For Boise Homeowners

October 15, 2022 - Spiders

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Spiders are one pest no one wants to experience in their home, whether or not you are afraid of them. Here, you can learn everything you need about spiders in our area and how Nature Shield Pest & Lawn can assist you with pest control in Boise.

Types Of Spiders Commonly Found Around Boise

Many types of spiders around Boise, including black widows, wolf spiders, hobo spiders, daddy long legs, garden spiders, and jumping spiders. These species are common house spiders and regularly find homes on residential properties. However, most are better suited to living outside, usually accidentally wandering inside while looking for prey. 

Some Spider Bites Are More Dangerous Than Others

All spiders have fangs and can bite, using venom to subdue prey and defend themselves. If you are allergic to spider venom, a bite from any species can harm you, but for most people, a spider bite usually only causes mild pain and discomfort.

However, two spider species are dangerous to people in the United States; the black widow and the brown recluse. In Idaho, we are lucky that the brown recluse does not naturally live here, but you can't say the same for the black widow.

Female black widows, the only dangerous ones, are identifiable by their shiny black bodies and reddish-orange hourglass marking. Although the black widow's venom is dangerous to people, they are not an aggressive species and usually shy away from people. But like other spiders, the black widow will defend itself and bite if threatened. If you or someone else experiences a bite from one of these spiders, you should seek medical attention.

Six Simple And Effective Spider Prevention Tips

While spiders are beneficial, you likely want to keep them out of your home. You can do this using these six prevention tips that aim to eliminate prey pests, entry points, and conducive conditions that attract spiders:

  1.  Remove food sources that attract prey pests such as crumbs, food debris, open garbage cans, poorly stored food, and pet food.
  2.  Address moisture concerns such as leaking pipes and faucets, poor ventilation and draining, and a build-up of organic debris in your yard
  3. Eliminate entry points for prey pests and spiders by inspecting the exterior of your home for gaps around windows and doors, missing or damaged screens, cracks in the foundation, and uncovered vents and drains.
  4. Reduce harborage areas by keeping your yard and home free of clutter and debris.
  5. Maintain your yard by regularly mowing the lawn, trimming trees and bushes, and cleaning up leaf litter.
  6. Remove stumps, logs, and dead trees, and properly store firewood in your yard.

While these tips will help prevent common spiders in your home, you should find dependable pest control professionals to work with if you are experiencing an active infestation or need assistance with prevention.

Professional Pest Control Is A Great Spider Control Solution

If you are dealing with spiders in your Boise home, partner with our Nature Shield Pest & Lawn service professionals. Our residential pest control services offer the protection you need to keep spiders and prey pests away from your yard and home. 

Our comprehensive services begin with a detailed inspection to identify how and why you have a pest infestation. Then, we customize control methods to treat the pest concerns unique to your property. 

Call us at Nature Shield Pest & Lawn to learn more about our comprehensive pest control services and how we can assist you with maintaining a spider-free home!